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Osman Group is a group of companies founded by Eng. Osman Ahmed Osman in 1974. The activities of OG include construction, real estate, manufacturing, trading, agricultural, information technology, and logistical activities. Although based in Egypt, OG has many activities overseas.

  • Smart Gate is an RFID powered vehicle access control application that allows users to enter a designated area through automatic identification.

  • A powerful system with a user- friendly interface enhanced by RFID technology that helps in managing your nursery easily and very accurately.

  • Book App is an RFID powered library management system that enables you to optimize library operations.

  • FAMS is an RFID powered fixed assets management application that drastically simplifies asset tracking and management.

  • Clock-In is an RFID powered attendance control system that allows you to monitor punctuality and attendance.

  • RFID powered access control system that limits access of designated areas to authorized personnel only.

  • An electronic combination lock that has been designed to provide a high security keyless locking solution for lockers and cabinets.

  • Warehouse Management System is an RFID powered warehouse management application that makes the process of warehouse management more straightforward and effortless.