Elsewedy Electric Integrates RFID in 26 Factories

OGTech Supports RFID Integration in Elsewedy Electric’s Factories

OGTech, in collaboration with Feig Electronic, is enhancing Elsewedy Electric’s supply chain automation through RFID technology.

Project Overview

In 2018, OGTech began integrating RFID systems into 26 of Elsewedy Electric’s 30+ factories. This integration aims to streamline production, cut costs, and improve transparency by dividing the production process into four key zones: raw materials, production, quality control, and finished goods. Each zone utilizes RFID for efficient tracking and management.

Implementation Phases

The project, starting in May 2019 and set to conclude by 2021, focuses on a phased rollout across factories in the Middle East and North Africa. OGTech’s role includes comprehensive hardware and software integration, consulting, and ongoing support.

Technological Solutions

RFID systems include handheld and fixed readers supplied by Feig Electronic, with tags from Smartrac and Metalcraft. These systems enable precise tracking from raw material reception to finished product dispatch, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

Challenges and Training

Challenges include adapting RFID to a metal-heavy environment and transitioning long-term employees to new technology. Extensive training programs have been implemented to ensure smooth adoption.

Elsewedy Electric Profile

Elsewedy Electric is a major energy solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa, with over 30 production facilities in 15 countries. Its Wires and Cables sector generates the majority of its revenue.