OGTech Powers World’s Largest RFID Document Tracking System in Qatar

OGTech, a leading RFID solutions provider in the Middle East and GCC region, has spearheaded the world’s largest RFID document tracking implementation for the Public Prosecution in Qatar. In partnership with Feig Electronic and QCS, OGTech installed an advanced UHF RFID system with 1,006 reading points across a 46-floor building. This system significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy in tracking approximately 50,000-70,000 documents.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Comprehensive Integration: OGTech’s system integrates both old and new RFID tags, ensuring seamless tracking and minimizing disruptions.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Real-time location tracking, authorization checks, and built-in error management improve cost and time efficiency.
  • Scalability: The infrastructure supports future expansions, including asset and personnel tracking, showcasing OGTech’s forward-thinking approach.

Khaled Mohamed Ezz El Din, OGTech’s Regional Manager, emphasizes the strategic importance of this project. The implementation has earned an award for its scale and innovation, marking a significant milestone for OGTech’s growth and establishing it as a key player in the RFID technology sector in the Middle East.

OGTech’s Role and Impact:

  • Leadership in RFID Solutions: As the local distributor, OGTech provided end-to-end RFID solutions, from planning to installation and maintenance.
  • Technological Advancements: The project showcases OGTech’s ability to handle large-scale, complex RFID implementations.
  • Future Expansion Plans: OGTech plans to leverage this success for future projects, including enhanced asset management and personnel tracking systems.

OGTech’s successful implementation of this groundbreaking project highlights its expertise and solidifies its reputation as a leader in RFID solutions, poised for further growth and innovation in the region.